Chester Crown Court Visit

YJB Sixth Form at Chester Crown Court

On Saturday 21st November Ysgol John Bright Sixth Form students took part in the National Bar Mock Trial Competition at Chester Crown Court. Acting as barristers, witnesses, courtroom clerks and ushers they tried two cases against other schools from Wales and England. In preparation for the event students were supported by prosecutor Jim Neary who provided students with an insight into court procedures. All students had a good time and are looking forward to returning to court next year!

“On our visit to Chester Crown Court, we took part in National Bar Mock Trials, competing against other schools. We played the role of Barristers, witnesses, court clerks, ushers and members of the jury. The competition opened our eyes to a lawyer’s day and routine. It gave us an insight into what a potential career in law would be like. When we took part in the cases it gives a real buzz and when you win the case it is a confidence booster! Taking part in the competition made us feel as if we were actual professionals and we were lucky enough to meet real barristers and judges who were really friendly and welcoming. Some of us were even lucky enough to perform our case in the same courtroom where Myra Hindley was trialled for the ‘Moors Murders’ case. We really enjoyed our day there and came back wishing to have some involvement in Law and even becoming Barristers!”

Merle, Sophie, Eliza | Year 12

(Pictured from left to right: Georgina Gales, Eliza Kyffin, Judge Simon Medley QC, Bradley Jones, Rupert Allen and Eda Rhiannon).

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