Exam Results 2015


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A level

2015 has seen has been another year of great success at Ysgol John Bright with students once again achieving some superb A level results. This year has seen our students achieving some exceptional results as they are rewarded for all their hard work. The students made fantastic efforts during the academic year and it is heartening to see them enjoy such success. This year students enjoyed a 99.50% pass rate, a pass rate that is above the Wales National Average and the Conwy Average.

Furthermore 100 % of students eligible for the Welsh Baccalaureate in 2015 were successful in achieving their A* – C grade equivalent. Pleasingly 84% of all grades achieved were A*- C grades, with the vast majority being A* – B grades. These are all once again excellent figures for the school.

Overall these figures represent a significant achievement for the school. Students, parents and staff are celebrating the success of our wonderful class of 2015 on such an important day.

Headteacher Graham Davies said “I would like to offer my congratulations to all our hard working A level students on their excellent examination results. Once again they have proved that with commitment and effort they can produce outstanding results.


Once again the superb students at YJB have performed very well in their GCSEs. Headteacher, Graham Davies said, “I am delighted with the performance of so many of our students. The results confirm the continuing success of the school and our status as a fully inclusive school that does its best for all its students. At a time when students and schools are under more pressure than ever before, it is heartening to see the young people get the rewards they deserve.

The GCSE results this year are very good and we are pleased with the performance of so many of our students. Furthermore the capped points score reached a record breaking 353 points.

This year’s performance is particularly pleasing when set in the context of the turbulent educational landscape in Wales.

As ever this year’s results are testimony to the hard work, commitment and dedication of the staff and students at the school. Everyone has worked tirelessly to achieve success and are to be congratulated. I am very proud of what has been achieved and know that the students thoroughly deserve these results. ”

Whilst we are reluctant to single out students it is worth noting that there were, as ever, some exceptional individual performances by students in year 11:

  • Emily Norton 8A* 2A + WBQ
  • Lauren Whitehead 6A* 4A + WBQ
  • Faye Bate 4A* 5A + WBQ
  • Sophie Marshall 1A* 8A + WBQ
  • Robbie Cheetham 8A 3B + WBQ
  • Ben Hopkins 6A* 2A 2B + WBQ
  • Jasmine Lawson 2A* 6A 1B + WBQ
  • Eda Rhianwen 2A* 6A 1B
  • Will Evans-Jones 2A* 5A 2 B + WBQ
  • Alicea Reece 1A* 6A 3B + WBQ
  • Conner Roberts 2A* 5A 3B + WBQ