Year 7 Students Talk to MonksYear 7 Students Talk to Monks

Two Religious Education classes at YJB have been sending letters to Buddhist monks in Nepal.

Students from 7T and 7B had a look at profiles the Buddhist Monks had written about themselves. They found out about what religious duties they did during the day and what they did in their spare time. The students then compared their routine to the Buddhist Monks routine, finding out that the monks worked even harder than they do at school. They woke up at 5:30am and did not finish lessons until 9:30pm.

The students then wrote their own letters to the monks telling them who they were, what their hobbies are and asking them 5 questions about their lives. They had to be written very clearly and in very simple English for the monks to understand. The letters will be sent off to the monks in Nepal and hopefully we will receive a reply. Photos and questions from the students will also be emailed over to the Monastery.

Year 7 students have been sending letters to Buddhist monks in Nepal

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