YJB in Argentina…Part IIYJB in Argentina…Part II

Welsh tea house in Gaiman

Okay so, we arrived in Gaiman. The bus journey was slightly dull, it was nine hours long, and the only thing available to watch was ‘The Taking of Pelham 123’, which is terrible in English, never mind in Spanish – I digress.

The first thing we noticed as we got off the bus was a large sign, a shield with a welsh dragon on it – I can’t remember what the place was called, but it was a restaurant, I’ll remember the name in a minute.

We soon found our accommodation which was a gymnasium- It was a simple layout, it had two dorms, one for boys and another for girls. The dorms weren’t too bad and the beds were warm and comfy.

The next morning we started our first day of the community project; we got up early and headed down to the ‘Stone Circle’ where we would begin our job.

Our first task was to dig a few holes for new trees, clear the rubbish and cut away the dead plants to help to improve the stone circle’s appearance.

After a few hours of hard work we headed back to our dorms to get changed as that night we would be going to meet more of the locals. The next day we went back to work on the community project. We cleared as much of the debris away as we could in hope of improving its appearance.

We only had a short amount of time to work on the circle as that afternoon we had been invited to a school to meet some students in Trelew who were learning Welsh. Afterwards we got the bus and traveled back to Gaiman and went straight to bed.

On the next day we were invited to another school to meet some other children, they spoke little English so we had to put our Welsh to the test. We joined in with the activities and played some games with the children before leaving.

The final few days went by very quickly; we helped another school out, decided who to give the Welsh encyclopedia to and even got invited to a party! After presenting the plaque to the Mayor and getting one back in return we thanked everyone before we left and packed up our things, ready for our next destination – El Bolson. Oh, and the name of the restaurant was ‘Gwalia Lan’. Told you I’d remember it…

Hannah Taylor.

(Pictures to be uploaded soon!)

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