Year 11

Curriculum Information

Year 11 Director of Learning: Miss Maria Stafford

KS4 Head of Behaviour & Safeguarding: Mr David Sweet

Year 11 Guidance & Support: Mrs Anita Eardley & Mrs Linda Davies
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Year 11 Learning Coach

Year 11 Welcome

My name is Maria Stafford and I am the new Director of Learning for Year 11. My aim for the year group is to encourage students to be aspirational, motivated and high achieving both inside and outside the classroom.

Working alongside staff and parents, the Year 11 Team will guide students through this key year. As in previous years we will continue to promote excellent levels of attendance to ensure the very best outcome for all students. We continually monitor the academic progress of each individual student to ensure they are on track and we will put interventions in place to support them if they are not.

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Year 11 Form Tutors    
11SAK Mrs Steph Kearney & Mrs K. Potter
11RPW Mr Richard Whitham
11SEE Mrs Sian Evans & Mrs K. Potter
11JCH Mrs Jane Hull & Dr J Wells
11LS Mrs Carol Greenough
11DJP Ms Donna Pender
11CDO Mrs Ceri Owen
11GFE Mr Glynn Edwards

We encourage an open dialogue between school and home. If you have any worries or concerns, no matter how minor, please do not hesitate to contact your child's Form Teacher in the first instance. Please telephone Reception on 01492 864200 and leave a message and the Form teacher will get back to you. Alternatively you can email Miss Maria Stafford, Year 11 Director of Learning at


The school has an attendance policy of 95% or above. All medical and dental appointments should be scheduled for outside of school hours. Year 11 is a pivotal year for our students, so we would also ask you to please support the school by making every effort to ensure that your son/daughter has the best possible attendance and punctuality record throughout the year. At 95 % attendance will give you a 73% chance of achieving expected or higher than expected progress in all subjects.

Key Dates - Year 11  
14th October Mock Exams
W/B 18th November Full Reports
3rd December Parents' Evening
14th January Progress & Prospects Evening
27th January Mock Exams
W/B 2nd March AP2 Report

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