Operation Boost is a programme of revision materials and activities to help YJB students achieve the best in their exams.

Year 11 Final Countdown 2017

Art (All Classes)Art (Year 11 Exam Preparation List)Biology (11R1 Biology - Mrs Moules)Biology (11R2 Biology - Mrs Jones)
Biology (11R3 Biology - Mr Littlejohn)Biology (11Y1 Triple Biology - Mr Littlejohn)Biology (11Y2 Triple Biology - Mrs Jones)Biology (IVQ 11Y3, 4 & 5)
Business StudiesCateringChemistry (11R1 Chemistry - Mr Pethica)Chemistry (11R2 Chemistry - Mr Laws)
Chemistry (11R3 Chemistry - Mr Jones)Chemistry (11Y1 Triple Chemistry - Mr Laws)Chemistry (11Y2 Triple Chemistry - Mr Jones)Chemistry (IVQ 11Y3, 4 & 5)
Child DevelopmentComputer Science (Mr Armstrong)Cymraeg (All Classes)Drama (All Classes)
EngineeringEnglish Language (All Classes)English Literature (All Classes)French
Geography (All Classes)HistoryICT (Mr Armstrong)Maths (Miss Day)
Maths (Miss Tyler)Maths (Mr King)Maths (Mr Lemon)Maths (Mr Lyall-Hay)
Maths (Mrs Owen)Maths (Ms Mileham)Maths (Ms Simpson)Music
PE (GCSE)Physics (11R1 Physics - Mr Colbert)Physics (11R2 Physics - Mr Parker)Physics (11R3 Physics - Mr Herridge)
Physics (11R5 Physics - Mr Herridge | Mr Colbert)Physics (11Y1 Triple Physics - Mr Herridge)Physics (11Y2 Triple Physics - Mr Parker)Physics (IVQ 11Y3, 4 & 5)
RE Short Course (11R RE2 - Mrs Lewis-Jones)RE Short Course (11R RE3 - Mrs Lewis - Jones)RE Short Course (11R RE4 - Mrs Lewis - JonesRE Short Course (11Y RE4 - Mrs Lewis-Jones)
RE Full Course (All Classes)SpanishTextiles

YJB Revision Tips

Year 11 English Revision Materials

Year 11 Revision Checklists

Business StudiesCateringChild DevelopmentCore ScienceCymraeg
MathematicsMusicPEProduct DesignRE (Full Course)
RE (Short Course)Resistant MaterialsScienceSpanishTextiles

KS3 Numeracy Materials

Maths Revision Materials

Revision World Materials

Literacy and Numeracy Tests – Information/Useful Links

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