Eco-Schoool LogoThe Eco-Schools programme is an international initiative that encourages students to engage with environmental and sustainable development issues.

Ysgol John Bright is aiming to achieve The Eco-Schools International Green Flag Award.

The YJB School Eco Action Team (S.E.A.T) has come up with the following agreed Eco Code:


Everyone at Ysgol John Bright is

Committed to

Our aims of:

Switching off lights

Closing windows and doors in winter

Having recycling bins around school

Only travelling to school by car if necessary

Once a week recycle paper and plastic in the appropriate bin

Looking after our future, please don’t throw it away!

Amongst other things, the team have been responsible for putting into action a recycling scheme, where committee members do paper collections from classrooms on a weekly basis, and also collect plastic recycling from the bins in the school mall.

If you are a Ysgol John Bright pupil and would like to get involved, send an email to

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