Vouchers for SchoolsWe are currently collecting Tesco Vouchers for Schools.  We have been lucky enough in the past to use them  to provide students with state of the art equipement such as video cameras.

Help us by collecting vouchers and bringing them in (you don’t have to have children at the school to do this!).

Vouchers are available in all Tesco stores and petrol filling stations.

Additionally, as part of our Eco-school activity, we are asking the community to donate old mobile phones and used printer cartridges.

With the “Tesco for schools and clubs” voucher scheme, we get 20 vouchers for every working phone you donate, and 5 for a non-working phone.

All mobile phones can be either reused or recycled no matter the age, make, model or working condition.

Tesco also give us 10 vouchers for every empty ink or toner cartridge you send in that can be recycled.

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