Healthy Eating

healthy-eatingA healthy lunchbox has a variety of foods from these food groups:

  • Fruit and vegetables (Vitamins and Minerals)
  • Dairy foods
  • Protein
  • Carbohydrates

Lunchboxes should be kept cool – use a freeze block or similar. If sandwiches are prepared the previous evening, always store them in a fridge

Fruit and vegetables Dairy foods Protein
1 portion of fruit and 1 portion of vegetables. 1 portion daily of a food rich in calcium is essential for children’s growing bones. A portion of a food rich in protein either on its own or as a sandwich filler.
Try: Cherry tomatoes, raw vegetable sticks, fruit salad, raisins, an apple, an orange, a banana or a bunch of grapes. Try: Yoghurt, fromage frais, cheese, milk, rice pudding, custard.

Always include foods like bread, rolls, bagels, wraps, rice, pasta or potato.

Try: Chicken, lean meat, tuna or other fish, peanut butter, eggs or houmous.


Monday Chicken and lettuce or cheese and tomato sandwich on granary bread
Cherry tomatoes
Low sugar jelly with added fruit
Chocolate or strawberry low fat/low sugar milk shake
Tuesday Vegetable sticks – carrot, pepper, cucumber
Slice of pizza
Scone or hot cross bun
Wednesday Pasta salad with sweet corn and peas
Slice of cold meat or cheese
Slice of fruit loaf
Banana or apple
Carton of unsweetened orange juice
Thursday Houmous, (or ham) lettuce and tomato wrap
Small packet of low fat crisps
Fromage frais
Slice of melon or a tangerine
Carton of unsweetened apple juice
Friday Wholemeal bread roll filled with tinned
salmon or tuna with cucumber and mayonnaise
Small bunch of red or green grapes
Pot of rice pudding

Remember always include a drink. Water, milk, pure fruit juice and fruit smoothies are good choices. It is important your child has plenty of water to drink


  • Make lunchboxes fun! Pack foods attractively; cut foods into shapes; use a variety of containers. This is an opportunity to re-cycle packaging e.g. use clean, empty containers.
  • Involve your child in planning his/her lunchbox. Encourage him/her to try new foods. Variety is the key to a healthier lunchbox. Give praise, reward stickers etc if they eat the new food.
  • Vary the sandwiches by using different types of bread.
    • Rolls,
    • Granary bread,
    • Wholemeal bread,
    • Bagels,
    • Pitta bread
  • Try alternatives to sandwiches. Rice salad, pasta salad, pizza, quiche or noodles are tasty options.
  • Alternatives to sugary foods and crisps could be a slice of fruit loaf, pack of nuts and raisins (check allergies) hot cross buns, pot of rice pudding, tub of fruit jelly (low sugar).
  • If you include crisps only do so occasionally and choose a small pack of a low fat variety
  • If you have pasta for tea, set some aside to use in the next day’s lunchbox


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