Student Deprivation Grant

    • The total number of students on school roll for September 2015 is 1235
    • The school FSM population is 11.3%

The school undertakes the following activities in order to support students facing the challenges of poverty and deprivation:

    • The Guidance Team monitor progress of focus groups, to provide support and guidance to students by removing the barriers to learning and raising aspirations. Staff will promote, develop and maintain effective and supportive mentoring relationships with students working in conjunction with other professionals and external agencies.
    • Meetings with primary colleagues to assess need for interventions for new students, to ensure correct level of support is in place from start of Secondary School
    • Pre-school, breaktime and after school learning support to increase ICT access for learners who do not have access at home.
    • Revision workshops for FSM students during Easter and Whitsun holidays.
    • Alternative learning pathway provision for students unable to access the full curriculum.
    • Study Support Programme to be used to provide additional support for target Groups

The school’s PDG plans are regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from the Local Authority