Personal and Social Education is delivered to students at Ysgol John Bright to support their emotional and physical well-being and promote a healthy and vibrant outlook on learning and life.


During Key Stage 3 students will study a wide variety of topics that will help them to develop as well rounded and valuable members of society.

  • Year 7 focuses on the Learn 2 Learn syllabus which supports the development of essential skills for lifelong learning. There is also a programme which focuses on emotional and physical well-being of students which begins to look at the importance of diet and the development of positive relationships in life.
  • Year 8 will continue the Learn 2 Learn programme, building on the skills of independent learning developed in Year 7. There is an element of drugs and alcohol awareness in Year 8 which aims to educate students about the use of drugs and alcohol and equip them with the information needed to make considered life choices.
  • Year 9 continues to develop life skills with a focus on a wide variety of themes including Sex and Relationship Education, Financial Literacy, First Aid and Careers advice.


  • The theme of physical and emotional health and wellbeing is developed further as students become young adults with a core element of Physical Education, Careers and Sex and Relationship Education being offered throughout Years 10 and 11
  • During Year 10 a Health day is undertaken which looks at wide variety of themes from education on testicular and breast cancer to road and fire safety. All sessions are provided by outside agencies with experience of working with young adults

Students are encouraged to develop their ideas and find their own views on important issues of health and well-being throughout the PSE programme at Ysgol John Bright. Discussion, group and pair work are encouraged and are complimented by the use of visitors from North Wales Police, the Local Health Service, interactive theatre workshops and health agencies and charities.

PSE at Ysgol John Bright is about equipping young people with the knowledge to make informed and healthy lifestyle choices during their time at school and into adulthood.

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