Anything Goes

“Anything Goes” by Cole Porter was performed at Ysgol John Bright in March 2006

Anything GoesSynopsis

You join us onboard the mighty ocean liner, S.S. American, as we prepare to set sail for Britain. Travelling with us are a number of colourful characters including Reno Sweeney, the nightclub singer with her four tap-dancing angels; Elisha Whitney, the rich tycoon; Hope Harcourt, the debutante, accompanied by her mother; and Hope’s fiancé, Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, whom she is to marry onboard ship.

Also sailing are some uninvited guests. Moonface Martin, the famous gangster being hunted by the FBI, has stowed away in disguise along with Erma, girlfriend of Public Enemy Number One, Snake Eyes Johnson (who has failed to show up).

They team up with Billy Crocker, employee of Whitney, who has fallen in love with Hope and is planning to break up the wedding.  Added to this crazy mix are characters such as Luke and John, Chinese converts whose gambling lands them in deep trouble.  This unlikely mixture leads to great hilarity, farcical situations and a whole series of great jazz songs including “I get a kick out of you”, “Friendship”,and of course, “Anything Goes”.

The second act ends with a big wedding — but who will be at the altar?

Cast List

Reno Sweeney – Michaela Parry                                                           
Hope Harcourt  – Camilla Delacoe                                                           
Evangaline Harcourt – Debra Finch                                                            
Evelyn Oakleigh – Vaughan Owen                                                            
Elisha Whitney – James Slack                                                           
Billy Crocker – Richard Jones                                                           
Moonface Martin – Christian Jones                                                           
Erma – Abby Restall                                                           
Brother Luke – Callum Jones                                                           
Brother John – Ronnie Rowlands                                                           
Captain – Sean O’Beirn                                                           
Purser – Nathan Bellis                                                           
Singing sailor – Chris Keady                                                           
Sailor’s girlfriend – Maisie Shields                                                           
Purity – Emily Bowen                                                           
Chastity – Bethan Foster                                                           
Charity – Levi Carlisle                                                           
Virtue – Amy Pearson                                                           
Sailor 1 – Mr E Morris                                                           
Sailor 2 – Mr T Taylor
Fred – Chris Williams                                                           
Henry T Dobson – Callum Duffy                                                           
Reporter 1 – Haylie Zachara                                                           
Reporter 2 – Beccy Hughes                                                            
Photographer  – Emma Spence                                                           
FBI Agent 1 – Ffion Byrne                                                           
FBI Agent 2 – Visaka Fernando                                                           
Wheelchair lady – Emily Mcbride

Tap Dancers

Katie Burrows                                                           
Rachel Roberts                                                           
Nicole Zbinden                                                           
Stephanie Evans                                                            
Sarah Bowen                                                           
Bethan Jones                                                           
Sophie Algieri                                                                                                                       
Mrs R Lofts


Gareth Williams                                                           
Nick Raco                                                           
Mitch Richardson                                                           
Andrew O’Callaghan                                                           
Alistair Jones                                                            
Louis Akincay                                                           
Derry Williams                                                           
James Hulme                                                           
Page Jones                                                           
Connor McNamara                                                           
Matthew Lloyd


Annie Weston                                                           
Clare Roberts                                                           
Lucy Nield                                                           
Sarah Elliott                                                           
Rachel Botham                                                           
Michelle Mullin                                                           
Jessica Platt                                                           
Sian Parry                                                           
Chloe Keenan                                                           
Caitlin Jones                                                           
Lucy McKean                                                           
Ceri Armstrong                                                           
Annabelle Delacoe                                                           
Harriet Davis                                                           
Sarah Thomas                                                           
Sian De Lara                                                           
Bryony Duffy                                                           
Sam Southall                                                           
Tasha Pritchard                                                           
Katie O’Rourke                                                           
Keneilwe Parkies                                                           
Laura Thomas                                                           
Jessica Shingler                                                           
Jessica McDonald                                                           
Nicola Doidge                                                           
Hannah Evans                                                           
Lauren Uzzell                                                           
Charlie McNamara                                                           
Meg McIlveen                                                           
Ceri Morgan                                                           
Laura Davies                                                           
Hannah Hince                                                           
Shamilah Ahmed                                                           
Catherine Higgott                                                           
Amy Cossey                                                           
Maisie Shields


MusicalDirector/Choreographer – Miss Siân Rees
Director/Props/Programme – Miss Susan Kelly
AssistantDirectors – Miss Melangell Jones, Miss Jennifer Sweet
Costumes – Ms Gaynor Davies
Sound and Lighting – Mr Matt Vickery
TapTutors – Emily Bowen, Bethan Foster
SetBuilders – Mr Chris Hughes, Mr Matt Vickery, Mr Dylan Williams, Mr Euros Jones
Cameraman/Techie-extraordinaire – Mr Colin Stevens
Panic Control – Mrs Rozalind Lofts, Mr Ron Stewart, Mr Cadbury


Piano – Miss Siân Rees
Woodwind – Miss Delyth Haynes
Woodwind – Mrs Lucy Clement-Evans
Trumpet – Mr Keith Jones           
Trombone – Mr Simon Hulme
Bass Guitar – Sean Thomas
Drumkit – Grant Harper
Percussion – Mr Dylan Williams

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