Students will have one lesson a week of taught ICT where they will learn how to use a variety of software, enabling them to become ICT literate. By the end of year 9 students will have a good understanding of presentation, spreadsheet and database software along side developing their creative potential through the use of picture editing software, website design, animation and podcasting.

Students will be able to develop:

  • Thinking skills through planning and identifying what software to use, whilst considering the needs of the audience, and through the use of ICT to solve problems.
  • Communication skills, through learning how to present information to different people in different ways
  • Developing Number skills through the use of mathematical information and data presented numerically in data handling software and spreadsheets

THe department takes part in several competitions throughout the year, including:

  • School of Computer Science UK Schools Computer Animation Competition
  • Doodle for Google
  • ICT termly competition
  • The annual eisteddfod competition

KS3 club is held on Tuesdays after school, where students can try out new software, e.g. game making, graphics and contribute to the ICT web page.


Every student at KS4 will be taking the DiDA course as a core subject, where by the end of the course they will be able to confidently use Excel, Access, Word, Publisher, Web design, Animation and Picture Editing Software.

Any Student that takes ICT as an option will follow the DiDA course, but also follow the new Edexcel GCSE in ICT. This builds on young people’s love of digital devices. It explores how technology Impacts on every aspect of our daily lives: learning and earning, leisure, shopping and money management, health and well being and on the move. It will teach each student to be ‘savvy IT uers’, who understand the risks as well as the benefits and use ICT safely and responsibly.

As well as bulding on their Thinking, numerical and communication skills, students taking ICT at key stage 4 will develop into independent learners as they will have to take responsibility for their work, plan and manage their own time and reflect on their experiences.

The new GCSE helps devlop important transferable skills including problem solving, creative thinking and collaborative working.

An ICT catch up club is offered to all students at Key stage 4 where they can come for extra tuition and support on a Wednesday after school.

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