In English students learn to communicate in a range of ways from expressing their opinions and arguing a point in classroom discussion to creating imaginative writing to entertain others.

They become increasingly skilled in a broad range of writing and experience a wide range of literature – some chosen by themselves; some studied with support from their teacher.

They will be introduced to modern and older forms of prose, drama and poetry. We are lucky to be well resourced and have white boards in each room to help with keeping learning exciting and interactive and a trolley of laptops which assist the students in completing work to a high standard.

It is our hope that students will enjoy English and become enthusiastic readers and writers as well as independent and reasoned thinkers.


At Key stage 4 we continue in our aim to develop a love of communication in all its forms. We aim to refine and develop further the skills introduced at KS3 and help students to become increasingly confident and accomplished in their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.

Reading remains a key part of our curriculum and private reading continues to be an important aspect which we encourage everyone to take seriously and to enjoy.

At KS4 the majority of students are entered for external exams at GCSE level in English language; a large number also sitting English Literature. Some students might sit Entry Level English if this is more suited to their needs.

Each year students express a keen interest to take their studies of either English Language or English Literature to a higher level at A/S and then A2.

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