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  • Poetry Competition – Winners!

    Congratulations to the following students who won prizes and house points in the library competition for national poetry day. Joint first prize: Sophia Wallo 7R, 15 points, Penrhyn And a joint entry from the following boys: Aaron Beacher 10G, 3 points, Gloddaeth Ben Jones 10G, 3 points, Penrhyn Nathan Booker 10G, 3 points, Penrhyn Alika […]

  • School’s Favourite Poem

    The runaway winner was ‘The Ning Nang Nong’, by Spike Milligan, which polled 25% of the votes. The next 2 favourites were Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘Talking Turkeys!’ and Bruce Lansky’s ‘My Dog has got no Manners’. YJB students obviously like poems that make them laugh! Of the more serious poems we displayed, the favourite was Christina Rossetti’s […]