Library Blog: 3/10/2017

Today we will be interviewing a Student Library Assistant:

Q: What do you like about the library?
A: It’s not very common for people to enter the library so it’s very calm and chilled.

Q: What made you want to be a librarian?
A: I just wanted to make a change to the school and just help out.

Q: What could you change about the library?
A: We could add a few more comfy chairs and reading tables.

Q: Name one thing you don’t like about the library?
A: People who come into the library and mess around and mess up the place.

We then interviewed a library user:

Q: What do you like about the library?
A: It is a place where I can go if I want a quiet place to read or do homework.

Q: What would you change?
A: I would change the layout of the library so there is more space

Q: Why do you come to the library?
A: It is the home of all the things I like

Q: Do you feel the librarians are helpful?
A: Yes all the time, They help me find the books I want. They also check them out for me.

Nathan Winsor and Daniel James

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