Library Blog: 26/9/2017

This week we have added some new books to the Library...

This includes a new series from Jonathan Stroud called Lockwood and Co. It’s a chilling series of supernatural detective stories, with suspense, humour and terrifying ghosts! Volumes 1-3 are on the New Books Stand.

‘Super Awkward’, by Garrod Beth will be popular with fans of the Georgia Nicholson books. It’s a very funny feel-good story about the embarrassing moments we all find ourselves in as we grow up.

‘The Girl of Ink and Stars’ by K.M. Hargrave, is a wonderful new fantasy novel about the daughter of a cartographer (map-maker). She lives on an imaginary island and is involved in adventure and danger with only her map-making skills to help her.

‘The Life of Pi’ by Yann Martel, will be known to many through the excellent film. The book has been added to our Adult Fiction collection so anyone below year 10 will need a note from home if they would like to read it.

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