Secretary of State Presents Wales’ First Gold Award for RE


The Secretary of State presents Mr Davies, Mr Bellis, Mr Lawson and students with the prestigious award

On Friday 19th July 2013), the Secretary of State for Wales came to Ysgol John Bright to present the school with the Religious Education Quality Mark Gold Award. (A UK wide award that reflects best practise in Religious Education within schools – of which there are three levels of award, bronze, silver and gold).

The Secretary met with Mr Graham Davies, Headteacher and Mr Karl Lawson, Assistant Headteacher, to discuss the background to receiving this prestigious award.
Ysgol John Bright is the first (and currently only) school in Wales to have gained this national award which reflects the local and national input that the RE department has in promoting excellence in RE. It was in recognition of this fact, that the Secretary of State kindly agreed to formally present the award to the school.

In light of the fact that the school’s inspectorate Estyn recently announced in their report on RE (18th June 2013) that there were some concerns with standards of learning in RE within Wales, this award demonstrates that that is not the case where Ysgol John Bright is concerned.

Gwyn Bellis, Subject leader for RE stated: ‘The REQM celebrates the excellent work that is being done by both students and staff at Ysgol John Bright. We are thrilled to have had our work recognised through this national award as it is a fantastic endorsement of the experiences that learners receive on a daily basis in RE.’

Karl Lawson

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