Sponsored Hair Cut for Mrs Moules

Brave YJB Science teacher Mrs Moules has had a large chunk of her hair cut off, to raise money for a children’s charity.

Little Princess Trust is an amazing charity who provide real hair wigs and hair pieces for children with Cancer. The NHS provide hats and synthetic hair wigs that can be very uncomfortable and look fake whereas real hair wigs can be styled specifically for the child and treated in the same way as normal hair.

Sourcing a real hair wig for a child can be difficult and very expensive costing in the region of £1500, Little Princess Trust provide wigs for free for any child with Cancer between the ages of 3-18, although it costs them around £350 to produce each wig.

Having my hair cut short is a daunting thing as I have had long hair for many years, but the thought of not having any at all whilst battling a terrible illness makes me realise how fantastic it is that this brilliant charity can use donated hair to make these wigs.

I am donating 22 inches of hair to the charity and would like to raise money towards the cost of making a wig, donations can be given through my page on the just giving site.

Click here to donate.

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