RE Lessons raise £85 for St. David’s Hospice

Year 8 RE students in action

Kind hearted Year 8 Students managed to raise £85 for St. David’s Hospice last week by participating in a Religious Festival and Cultural awareness day’s celebration focusing on Religious Festivals and Christmas Customs and Traditions from around the world.

The RE room was divided into different Culture zones with flags, artefacts displays and information combined with music, food and games representing many of the varied cultures of the students at Ysgol John Bright.  The aim was to create a vibrant and colourful atmosphere with decorations, banners and balloons.

A section of the room had a traditional Christmas Eve……………….. table explaining the varied Christmas customs and foods associated with a Polish Christmas.  There was also a Slovakian section, Egyptian, Thai and Indian zone with delicious Samosas, Bhaji’s and Popadums to taste.

Students also enjoyed playing Dreidel which is a traditional Jewish game played during the festival of Chanukah and enjoyed the traditional Chanukah food of doughnuts – scrumptious!   Other student’s learnt about old Welsh Christmas customs such as Calennig, Mari Lwyd and Christmas Eve “Gyflaith”-toffee making which, as you can imagine, went down a treat.

Many students were lucky enough to win prizes on the Chinese lucky dip whilst others participated in a Cultural awareness quiz with a box of Celebrations for the winner!

The focus of this educational event was to learn about the diverse culture of students at Ysgol John Bright that enrich our school community every day. There was a great party atmosphere as the students were learning through fun and participation and also contributing to a local charity.

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