Cinq jambon et un fromage!

During the October half term, the MFL and Welsh Faculty took 35 students from Year 10, 11 and 13 on a trip to Paris for five days.

During our stay we visited famous sites including la Tour Eiffel, l’Arc de Triomphe, le Louvre and Disneyland Paris. We even managed to fit some time in to go shopping in Montmatre and enjoy a boat trip along the Seine.

We were extremely lucky as we had beautiful weather, everyone had a fantastic time and it gave us all the opportunity to use the French we have acquired over the last few years.

We were all amazed by the marvellous architecture that is alive in Paris today. Well done to all students involved who behaved extremely well and made the trip an unforgettable experience for staff and students alike.

Student comments

“I really enjoyed the trip to Paris and would love to go again. The teachers were great and I enjoyed the evening activities. My favourite part of the trip was the sightseeing – a really fun and worthwhile experience.”

Hannah Neary

“I really enjoyed the French trip because I go to see some really famous landmarks and I had a brilliant time with my friends.”

Emily Parminter

“Cinq jambon et un fromage! C’était excellent!”

Nathan Donnelly

An amazing trip and a good experience – I was never bored!”

Megan Williams

“Really, really good – would go again!”

Madison Jowett, Trudy Williams and Lucy Hornsby

“C’était formidable! Je me suis très bien amuse!

Jordan Morris

“It was an awesome trip – so funny!!”

Matthew Wilby

“Everything was entertaining, we had a great experience in Paris – it was really funny most of the time!”

James Rees

“The trip to Paris was a really fun experience of a lifetime. There was never a dull moment!”

Hannah Batho

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  1. il était délicieux, une très bonne expérience, j’y retournerai avec plaisir. La nuit, nous avons été très bien comporté et les escargots étaient exceptionnelles! 10/10 Je recommanderais ce voyage à tous! merci à tous les enseignants d’avoir été si patient que vous âmes belle! ;)

  2. I absolutely loved the trip, It was a fantastic experience which I shall repeat next year given the opportunity. The landmarks we visited were superb, as well as the tour we went on. The Louvre was excellent and I loved the day in Disneyland! Don’t be put off by the long journey, it was one of the best parts!

  3. bonjour cela est im très bonne si fier d’être capable de parler français des gens bien fait tellement fier ce qu’est un grand voyage de cette cherché à être, je suis allé souhaitez espoir vous avez tous eu une explosion

  4. ive once visited paris with my late uncle, but we didn’t have time to visit all these great sites you did. i wish to go back to paris one day soon, as the culture is amazing. Also the l’Arc de Triomphe looks so great, and would be an awesome place to take photographs. But i need to polish up on my french before i go!!!! au reviour :)

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