Knitting together

Police officer knits with students

An officer from North Wales Police knits with YJB students

Teaching North Wales police officers to knit is just one way students from Ysgol John Bright, Craig y Don and Ysgol San Sior schools will be focusing on empowering girls as part of their Connecting Classrooms project with schools in Africa.

The cluster of schools has joined forces with North Wales Police and the Blackburn Rovers Community Trust to enhance their international links with schools in South Africa and Malawi.   As part of a project working with Malawi schools, Ysgol John Bright has invited PCs Pamela Hayes and Sarah Curry from North Wales Police into the school to help the children make traditional textile gifts to send to schools in Malawi and to teach them a few new skills themselves.

Connecting Classrooms co-ordinator Rebecca Gavin from Ygsol John Bright in Llandudno said: “This will support our ongoing collaborative project that aims to work with our Malawi schools to empower female students in achieving academic success though enrichment groups.”

The British Council’s Connecting Classrooms programme develops greater awareness and understanding of world cultures, celebrates diversity and enables the sharing of best practice in teaching and learning.  It is a project that aims to bring an international dimension to young people’s learning, improve their knowledge and understanding of other cultures and prepare them for life and work as global citizens.

The innovative educational links with the North Wales Police aims to build on the ‘Kick It Out equality and community engagement campaign’ the Blackburn Community Trust are working on and empower the cluster’s project plans in raising racism awareness, respecting difference and celebrating diversity within local schools and  the community.

Headteacher at Ysgol John Bright, Graham Davies, said: “Both North Wales Police and Blackburn Rovers Community Trust are very excited to be involved in the Connecting Classrooms programme with us and are keen to add their own areas of expertise to support it.  We look forward to taking the Connecting Classrooms project forward in a way that will change lives and inspire young people across the globe to fulfil their potential and become true global citizens.”

Olga Stanojlovic, Head of Schools in Education at the British Council, said: “It is more important than ever that we ensure our young people develop the skills and understanding they need to thrive in our global society.   We congratulate this cluster of schools on such an innovative partnership. As they say ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ and these children are all the richer for the involvement of their community.”

“Working together through Connecting Classrooms will open young people’s eyes to what life is really like in other countries, and show them that young people share many of the same hopes and aims the world over. “

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