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Accelerated Learning

Explains how to prepare your students for learning and how to create the right learning environment.
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Anger and Conflict Management

Demonstrates how to cope when tempers fly in the classroom, the corridor, the playground or the staffroom.
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Asperger Syndrome

Explains what Asperger Syndrome is and offers a range of helpful strategies for overcoming the challenges it poses in the classroom.
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Assessment and Learning

Turning theory into practice, explaining the difference between formative and summative assessment.
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Behaviour Management

From getting the basics right, through the four Rs and onto the core principles and key strategies – experts in behaviour management unravel the complexities.
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Boys, Girls & Learning

Shows how we can help boys and girls to become successful learners. Practical classroom advice on how to motive and connect with both boys and girls.
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Challenging Behaviours

Explains why some children are prone to developing a can’t learn, won’t learn or don’t care attitude. Individual chapters cover each behaviour pattern, illustrates typical characteristics and practical classroom strategies.
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Coaching and Reflecting

Find out how tools such as the miracle question and scaling enable high quality, thoughtful dialogues and how learning to question, listen and give feedback can develop both coach and coachee.
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Collaborative Learning

Explores ‘the power of more than one’ with a look at peer-led development and how working in groups helps students to become independent, resourceful learners with good listening and communications skills.
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Creative Teaching

A practical guide about planning and teaching creative, student-focused lessons where every learner is challenged and supported and where engaged, stimulated and motivated students work in a state of ‘flow’.
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Decision Making

This is a practical introduction to the techniques of decision-making which covers everything you need to know about understanding the key components of a decision, to a framework for decision-making with methodologies and case studies.
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A practical guide about planning and teaching creative, student-focused lessons where every learner is challenged and supported and where engaged, stimulated and motivated students work in a state of ‘flow’.
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If you would like a better grasp of what dyslexia is, are seeking a helpful guide to the multiplicity of approaches to dyslexia and need tools and techniques for teaching dyslexic learners it’s all here in one handy guide.
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Dyspraxia DCD

Find out exactly what Dyspraxia is and learn how to familiarise yourself with the effects of the condition and equip yourself with a range of teaching tools and classroom strategies to support pupils.
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For teachers of pupils learning English as an additional language. Provides tools, tips and techniques to ensure that all pupils can thrive in their learning.
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Effective Classroom Communication

A practical compendium of communication expertise based on what highly effective teachers do.
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Emotional Intelligence

The book takes readers through each of the five steps to attaining emotional intelligence and describes how organisations can become emotionally intelligent.
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Emotional Literacy

Chapters on building relationships that support learning, on nurturing open conversations and on classroom organisation.
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Energy & Well-being

Tip and techniques on how to boost your energy, drive and enthusiasm at work.
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Form Tutor’s

Tips, tools and techniques on the demands and practicalities of running a tutor group.
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Gifted and Talented

Contains tips, tools and techniques for running classrooms where all pupils are stretched, challenged and motivated and where gifts are created and grown, not identified and measured.
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Growth Mindset

Create motivated learners who embrace challenge, learn from setbacks and know that they can ‘grow’ their intelligence.
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Covers all bases: teaching, improving and troubleshooting handwriting. Starts with the basics then fixes goalposts with a handwriting checklist. This is the reference point for remedying a range of common problems.
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Head of Department’s

A practical and informative guide for secondary school teachers aiming to managing their departments effectively.
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Written for leaders at all levels – strategic, organisational and team level – The Leadership Pocketbook explains how to inspire, influence, deal with change and achieve objectives.
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Learning and the Brain

Full of accessible information on how the brain works, how it learns, how it memorises and how it develops. Numerous tips and strategies draw on neuroscience to enhance and support what you do with your learners.
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Learning to Learn

From slicing, mind-mapping and learning styles, through mnemonics, mind pegs and the seven keys of memory to reviewing, snowballing and recording, the art of learning is explored and demonstrated.
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Lesson Observation

Covers being observed and learning to be a good observer – whether to coach the colleague you are observing, to learn from what you see or to assess performance.
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Literacy Across the Curriculum

Literacy is important for all learning; we owe it to our pupils to help them develop their literacy; developing strategies for LAC enhances teaching and learning across the school.
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Managing Change

This practical book is aimed at all those managing change within an organization, or those wishing to understand an imposed change.
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Managing Workload

Sections on stress, attitudes and habits, time management and looking after yourself lead to a helpful work evaluation tool.
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The NLP Pocketbook looks at the key principles of NLP and how it can make a difference to you.
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Outstanding Lessons

Teaching brilliant lessons is something all teachers aspire to. If you want to teach ‘stunning lessons that will make an impression on your pupils and knock the socks off your observers’ the tips in this book will help.
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Nurture a spirit of enquiry and develop thoughtful and thought-full learners, using Philosophy for Children.
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People Managers

Describes ways to manage difficult people and their problems. Problem areas include: the poor performer, difficult individual, reluctant team player, persistent late-comer, slow learner, isolated individual and unsupportive boss.
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Questioning Technique

Separating the three elements of questioning: framing them; delivering them; and responding to the answers, it offers both tweaks and fundamental shifts to turn instinctive practice into effective teaching.
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Secondary Teacher’s

Covers classroom rules, structuring lessons, teaching styles, questioning skills, differentiation, discipline and inclusion. Also, target-setting, marking, assessing and homework.
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Stop Bullying

Full of practical ideas for tackling all forms of bullying, including the insidious cyber bullying. Offers defending, deflecting and defusing strategies for those who suffer at the hands of bullies.
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Teaching Thinking

Covers processing information, reasoning, enquiry, creative thinking and evaluation. Five related sections of practical tools and material for dynamic, challenging lessons that nurture better thinking.
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Telephone Skills

Packed with advice and tips on every aspect of using the telephone to improve business performance. It highlights areas such as the importance of good communication skills, as well as pinpointing bad habits.
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